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Walking Dead: Michon –

Telltale Games Mini Series

Full Season, Episodes 1-3

Release Date: February 23, April 26, 2016, 2016

Sex / Tags: Adventure, 3D and post-apocalypse, zombies

Developer: Telltale Games

Publisher: Telltale Games

Platform: PC

Engine: in building

Steam Rating: 80% positive comments (based on 1307 reviews)

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese-Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Russian

Audio Languages: English

Ufa: built-in (the Code)


Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 3

Processor: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or equivalent


Video: ATI or NVidia card / 512 MB RAM


Hard disk space: 5 GB (~ 11 GB during installation)

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Walking Dead: Michon – Telltale miniseries stars iconic character, rolled cuff Robert Kirkman comic bestsellers. Haunted by their past and deal with unimaginable loss and grief, the story examines the lack of review Michon between # 126 and # 139 Comic magazine.

With access to all three offenses (both events are now available) in this new research mini-series, made a successful bid, Telltale Games.

Players will find an army of Rick and Michon, Ezekiel, and the rest of the confidence his group, and that he had brought.

articles repack

According to the version of ISO (5556731952 bytes)

Lossless 100% perfect but NOT MD5: Encryption was removed from the game files, but retained the original compression, so there is no delay during the game

NADA torn, nothing transcoding

The file size is very low (GB compressed)

Installation takes 15-45 minutes (depending on your system)

After installation, check the integrity of, so you can be sure that everything is set up correctly

hard disk space after installation: 5 GB (~ 11 GB during installation)

the use of the language; select the language of the game

Repack and FitGirl

Problems during installation?

If it’s wrong (or Xdelta Unarc bit) during installation, try the following:

Make sure that your Windows user name does not have non-Latin characters. Only use a number of Latin characters

Re-Hash torrent (in utorrent steps to enter the game, let’s upload / download, and then right-click, and then click Force re-check)

Health and virus protection (including Windows Defender), you can delete the installation files or cracks on the fly

Set User Account Control to a minimum, otherwise some parts of the installation will not take place due to the limited right

Make sure you have at least twice as virtual memory, RAM, actual physical

Make sure that you have enough space on the target in the C: drive (or any other system drive has)

Try installing the game on C: (system) disk or a specific drive C: (the right system for Windows is a difficult thing)

Check the Windows folder (and below) to – if there is a file, delete

Restart in Safe Mode and install the game

Installation and appropriate permissions, as shown below:

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