Porcelain Tiles

Eventually, every homeowner in Fort Worth, TX, who plans a remodeling project find themselves shopping for flooring materials to install. Unfortunately, most shoppers find themselves confused with what counts as porcelain tiles, and which items remain separate materials to consider.

These tiles have stayed popular as long as “ceramic” systems, but they do maintain key differences to consider before buying. And while even some flooring stores get ceramic and porcelain tiles confused, you can count on a better selection today.

Tim Hogan’s Flooring assists more area residents with their search for the ideal floor tiles for their renovation project needs. We carry a broad variety of porcelain tiles that look perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and other areas.

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What Are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles do differ from ceramic ones, but unfortunately, years of marketing has left the line between them feeling blurry. Although porcelain flooring does fall under the ceramic umbrella, they receive different manufacturing techniques for individualized performance and water-resistant properties.

porcelain tiles at store

These tiles become durable with an increased level of kaolin, a mineral that gives fine China its distinctive white color. You will also find materials such as quartz, clay, feldspar, and others, which then gets heated around 1,400 degrees centigrade.

The core difference between a porcelain tile and ceramic remains its lower water absorption rate of just 0.5% or less. The lowered absorption rate creates a more durable product, which makes it ideal for high foot traffic areas in homes.

Traditionally, porcelain tiles stay stark white, but today’s floors can get purchased in a broad range of colors and options. And you can combine them with different shades for the grout, allowing you to discover different combinations for ideal designs.

Choose Porcelain Tiles for Floors

Because of their low moisture rating, they remain resistant to staining, especially from dark coffee, tea, wine, and other liquids. And their durability outperforms ceramic with long-lasting defense against scratches, scuffs, and daily heavy foot traffic.

You’ll also feel thankful that porcelain tiles retain a high impact rating, making them perfect for pets and clumsy houseguests. Even if they break, it’s easy to swap out individual tiles for new ones versus an entirely new floor installation.

Another benefit you can look forward to remains their straightforward maintenance and upkeep needs, as you rarely need added sealing. Most will see that porcelain tiles floors only require dust sweeping and wet mopping for a lifetime of gorgeous surfaces.

It’s no wonder why these floors continue to stay popular, and their design options feel virtually endless. When you need the best selection of textures, colors, sizes, and more porcelain tiles, let us help you find them all.

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